Historical Home Garden Tour

THE GARDEN DESIGN INSTALLATION The garden at this historical home was give a new landscape update this late summer. We removed the old roses and boxwoods and installed a whole new native plant landscape. A garden bed planted near the corner of the property was added for several functions. First, it will help mitigate stormContinue reading “Historical Home Garden Tour”

Native Plant Series: Ironweed

Ironweed is a common name of 25 species of Vernonia which are native to North America. Many of these species are native to the midwest and southeastern regions. Some species are as short as 2′ tall, while others can reach 10′ tall! It is an upright plant with tough stems, in which it is namedContinue reading “Native Plant Series: Ironweed”

Invasive Plant Spotlight: Vinca

Periwinkle (Vinca minor and Vinca major) is a vining groundcover that is native to parts of central and southern Europe in the regions of France, Portugal, and Turkey. It is believed to have been introduced to North America in the 1700s. It is an evergreen plant with thick glossy leaves that grow opposite of eachContinue reading “Invasive Plant Spotlight: Vinca”

Native Plant Series: Blue Flag Iris

Blue Flag (Iris versicolor) is a native perennial iris to the North Eastern United States and Canada. It is naturally found in wetland areas, marshes, and wet meadows. It likes moisture, so it can be planted in wet/moist sunny areas in a home garden or on the edge of a pond up to 6″ deep.Continue reading “Native Plant Series: Blue Flag Iris”