A consultation is an on-site meeting where we discuss your landscape and your goals. During the consultation I provide feedback on how to move forward with your project as a do-it-yourselfer, or we can discuss further a custom made design and/or other services.

Clients have found the knowledge they gained during the consultation to be useful in saving them time, energy, resources, and money. Sometimes clients continue with a garden coaching program. There are 3 easy steps to the consultation process.

Consultation Process

Step 1. Pre-Consultation Survey

Click the button to fill out the survey and reserve your appointment. When I receive your form I begin working on preparing some insights about your project. If you have questions before booking, you may email me, or schedule a discovery call.

Step 2. On-site Meeting

COVID-19 Update: Consultations are outdoors where we can easily socially distance. Those in attendance will be masked.

We meet on-site and discuss all things related to your landscape. The meeting usually lasts around 60 minutes. Some topics we may discuss:

  • Design ideas: the functionality of the spaces, your needs and wants for the garden, what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past, plant suggestions, thoughts on design layout
  • Site conditions: soil quality, drainage, organic alternatives for lawn management, sunlight conditions
  • Plants: Identification, suggestions for additions and removals, how to eradicate invasive plants, diseases and pests, trees, fertilizing
  • Landscape care: Proper mulching, pruning, watering, dividing, specific plant care, improving soil, organic and eco-friendly methods
  • Resources for materials
  • Special focuses: pollinators, birds, sustainability, homesteading, edible gardening

Step 3. Consultation Summary

I will provide notes from our meeting as well as any requested design quotes.

Consultation Fee: $150