A consultation is an on-site meeting where we discuss your landscape and your goals. During the consultation I provide feedback on how to move forward with your project as a do-it-yourselfer, or we can discuss further a custom made design and installation. Clients have found the knowledge they gained during the consultation to be useful in saving them time, energy, resources, and money.

Consultation Fee

  • $150 (cash discount)
  • $165 (prepay online)
  • $250+Travel Fee (outside of Lexington. $100 will be credited upon design agreement)

Step 1. Consultation Questionnaire

Click the button to fill out the survey and reserve your appointment. When I receive your form I begin working on preparing some insights about your project.

Step 2. On-site Meeting

We meet on-site and discuss all things related to your landscaping and project. Consultations usually take 45-60 minutes. Some topics we may discuss:

  • Design ideas, site conditions, existing plants, landscape care, pollinators, edible gardening, landscape materials, sustainable gardening techniques.
  • Budget, timeline and scheduling, needs and wants of the garden.

Step 3. Consultation Summary

I will provide written notes from our meeting and requested quotes.

Optional. Loose Concept Sketches

Please read closely. You can add on a hand drawn sketch based on the ideas given at the consultation. These sketches are not to scale and are loose and conceptual. These sketches may aid you as a DIYer or to mix and match design ideas before committing to a full design. $100per sketch. $100 will be credited to the design fee if you choose to go with an EARTHeim design. Quotes for the actual design will be given after the consultation. Examples of what these sketches may look like:

Once the form is filled out, your appointment is reserved and subject to a cancellation fee.