Service Locations

  • EARTHeim offers services within Lexington, Kentucky.
  • Areas outside of Lexington are open on a case by case basis. Travel fees will apply to areas outside of Lexington.
  • I offer virtual consultations and design plans for areas outside of Lexington.

What type of work do you do?

Most of my work is with residential homeowners, but I have done many projects for non-profits, community oriented organizations, and local governments. Homeowners come to me for various reasons. Some customers want to focus on revamping their existing foundational plantings, some want to bring more organization to their garden that’s been let go, while other customers want to remove lawn and create a pollinator and wildlife paradise. We can also design hardscapes such as walkways, patios, small retainment walls, drainage systems, and simple structures like pergolas and arbors.

I specialize in creating landscapes and gardens that are more sustainable and also functional. I do this through my design practices and plant choices. I use mostly native and pollinator friendly plants in my designs. Native plants have more ecosystem services than non-natives. This includes serving pollinators, birds, and the client by being more resilient through harsh weather events. This means less maintenance and less worry.

Sometimes my designs may include more specific features such as pollinator and wildlife gardens, rain gardens, and homestead features like backyard chickens and vegetable gardening. I will work with you to design and renovate an existing landscape or to create one from the ground up.

What size of projects do you work on?

I have worked with customers on designing and installing small garden beds, entire home property landscapes, and on community garden spaces. Some projects have begun on a complete blank slate while others have been to renovate an extensive garden that has had years of neglect. Either way, my goal is to create a functional and sustainable landscape that is going to last for many years to come.

Do I need a landscape design?

A good landscape design is important and it serves as a guide map to implement the garden. It will assure your investment is well thought out and is customized to you and the site. It is the same as building a home, or designing a kitchen remodal. A plan is going to deliver a much better result in the end.

How involved is the client in the process?

I believe the client is an integral part of the design and should be included in the process. I spend time getting to know you and the site, learning about your goals and wishes. I want the garden to be unique to you and your space, unike any other.

We will first meet on-site during the consultation. If you choose to move forward with a design, I will come up with concepts and give the client an opportunity to review the design layout, features, and plant choices. We will have a final review where I go over the design and answer questions. During the installation phase, I keep the homeowner up to date on our progress and dicuss details as we go along.

How much does a design and landscaping cost?

Landscaping is an investment and one that can and should increase the value of your home. Every landscaping company works with clients differently. Some may charge a separate design fee, while others incorporate a design fee into the installation cost. Some companies will only work with a client if they agree to a design and installation. Many general landscape contractors work with a small plant palette and do not offer design services.

My educational background is in landscape architecture and garden design. The design cost is based on the conditions of the site (size, topography, drainage, condition of existing site, many plants vs blank slate), desired garden features (rain garden, kitchen garden, hardscaping, play areas, chicken coop, etc.), and the client’s timeline. The larger the site, or the more features the client wants to incorporate into the design will increase cost.

A landscape design also helps with the overall budget of installing a new landscape because designers look at the whole process and budget, figuring out what can and cannot be done in the space. Having a well thought out design means you are much more likely to be happy with the result; a holistic landscape that feels right and you will not be looking to redo after the completed installation. A design will likely save investment and time during the project.

I’m skilled at developing creative, alternative, well thought out solutions to your needs, wants, and goals. Design work takes considerable time, knowledge, and expertise and has its own separate fee.

How long does a design take?

This will vary according to what is on my work queue and the size or complexity of your project. Some designs may only take a few weeks, but other designs may take a few months. In the busy months of March-November you will find that times increase for design projects due to demand. The design process is best started in August-November, so concepts and designs are be developed over the winter and installed the following spring & summer.

How soon can you start on our project?

In most cases the on-site consultation can be scheduled within a couple of weeks of the initial request. Starting on the actual project will vary to what’s on my work queue, weather, and when paperwork has processed.

Should I design all of my yard now or in parts?

A landscape design is a wise investment. Having the entire design created at once is the wisest choice to assure a cohesive design and long-term vision for the project. The landscape master plan can be divided out into phases that can be installed in smaller phases as resources allow. The installation of the entire master plan can be implemented over 1 year, 5 years, or longer.

Can you create a design that I can install myself?

I go to great measure to create a landscape plan that fits your needs. You can choose to install all or part of your landscaping plan yourself. Once I hand you the final design, you may choose to hire EARTHeim to install all or part of the garden, or you may install it yourself.

Landscaping can be backbreaking work best left to professionals, but it can also be gratifying to complete small projects yourself. If you would like guidance while installing the garden yourself, I’m available as a garden coach to help guide you along the way. In my experience, the best gardens are also installed by the designer.

How much does a landscape installation cost?

The cost to install your landscape design will vary greatly. There are many websites that will give you average costs of landscaping. It’s generally recommended to allow 10% of a home’s value to create the most basic landscaping around the home. There are many factors including the size of your project, materials selected, and current conditions/characteristics of the site.

It is important to determine a budget in the beginning. In our initial conversations, I can help guide if the project you envision will work with your budget. Typical EARTHeim landscaping projects have been priced between $5,000-$50,000.

Can I meet with you on an evening or weekend?

EARTHeim is available during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.