“Katrina brings her creativity and amazing garden knowledge to the project, as well as a rare work ethic.  I found her to be particularly attentive to my current garden style, while incorporating the beautiful additions for a really complete and attractive landscape.  She demonstrated her talent and expertise to achieve the result that I could both admire and maintain.  Additionally, I not only learned more about various plantings, but also how to better take care of my entire yard.  I am very happy with my result!”- Susan G.

“I took Katrina’s 6 week course on gardening to attract pollinators. I also had her look at my yard and make recommendations. She changed my way of thinking in the most positive way. I have more native plants and more birds, bees and butterflies. I highly recommend her.” – Linda H.

“Katrina is the embodiment of what all gardeners/landscapers should strive for…a marriage of wildness and order, both of which the natural world has mastered, as has Katrina….” – Mike M.

“Katrina is knowledgeable, friendly, efficient, and genuinely cares about each and every job. Couldn’t recommend her enough!” Michelle H.

“I actually met Katrina after taking her course (Gardening for the Living Landscape) through OLLI at UK. I loved Katrina’s ideas to make our place not only look better, but to create a living landscape in our yard that would attract butterflies, birds, and pollinators. After planning meetings at our home, Katrina did just as we requested, done on time, and on budget! We are so happy with our new gardens. Lots of bright colored plantings, birds (especially the hummingbirds), bees, and colorful butterflies. Looking forward to spring to see all the plantings bloom. Thank you Katrina for all your help and expertise!” – Pat V.

“I’ve had the pleasurable good fortune to work with Katrina Kelly and EARTHeim Landscape Design Studio on two projects, one for the City of Berea and the other for my own property.  From the outset, the municipal garden was to demonstrate the use of native plants for through-season bloom to attract all types of pollinators.  Katrina designed and made that garden with certain knowledge and unmatched enthusiasm.  And then she created signage for the garden that daily piques the curiosity of Berea gardeners.

In my garden, I wished also to use native plants to attract pollinators and to enhance an open-air meditation pavilion, as well.  Katrina and EARTHeim found the garden’s focus in a mature redbud tree and overcame some landscape challenges to design a garden encounter that is as inspirational as it is pretty.” – David D.

“I love EARTHEIM! Katrina’s native plant designs and work in our yard have not only created a place for bees and butterflies but has also given us beautiful colors. And because the plants are native to Kentucky, they seem to know how to live here with minimum effort on our part.” – Helene C.

“EARTHeim Landscape Design Studio helped me with the following projects:

1) converted a neglected terraced garden in the back yard into a native plant habitat 2) installed an culinary and medicinal herb garden 3) designed and overhauled the landscaping in our side garden into a monarch habitat/waystation.

Katrina thoroughly explained her design ideas, graciously accepted my feedback, quoted a fair price and performed the work in the timely manner.  The monarch habitat attracted the butterflies within the first 2 months.  It was an amazing process to watch.  

I would recommend Katrina for any project where you want to restore native plantings to your landscape.” – Jill E.

“I have used the services of EARTHeim for several years now as I transform my garden into a more natural habitat for wildlife.  I am more than satisfied with her work. Katrina is a wealth of knowledge regarding native plants and where to plant them so they can thrive and work their magic.  She arrives with her well equipped cart. big smile, and goes to work.  Her respect and love for the plants shows and my garden always looks more inviting because of her work!  I highly recommend her services.”- Kathleen F.