Landscape Design & Installation

Professional Landscape Design

I focus on creating unique gardens that are tailored to the landscape and needs/wants of the client. Emphasis is given on creating exciting ecological gardens that are meant to attract pollinators and birds. If you’re looking for something unique, you have found the right garden designer.

What will you get with EARTHeim?

  • A customized garden to your needs, likes, and wants
  • An interactive ‘living landscape’ that will benefit pollinators and wildlife
  • A thoughtful and meaningful garden
  • A professionally trained garden designer with many credentials
  • Care and attention to detail
  • A garden that works with your budget

Designs can be made for a wide scope of projects. Small perennial beds, a container garden, or a full site plan for residences, businesses, private or public gardens, parks, and more.

Design Focus

  • Ecological  Native Plant Gardens
  • Wildlife & Pollinator Gardens
  • Easement & Front Yard Gardens
  • Edible Gardens & Homesteads
  • Historic & Therapeutic Gardens
  • Curb Appeal
  • Backyard Wedding Landscapes
  • Container Gardens
  • Small Business & Park Gardens

Want to Get Started?

Design Consultation

  • This survey allows me to learn more about your wishes and come better prepared to serve you. Please fill out this form before we meet.
  • On-Site Consultation & Landscape Evaluation, 45 – 90 minutes
  • Consultation Summary. A written summary of our consultation is emailed to you after the consultation.
  • Preliminary Design Sketches. Based on the consultation survey and our meeting, back at the office I put together design ideas with garden layout and plants.
  • Design Sketch Review. We will meet to look over and review these design sketches. A quote is given for the cost of the design. After approval, work on the final design can begin.

Why is a design important?

Having a professional design tailored to your needs and the conditions of the landscape can save you money, time, and hard work in the long run. Garden design is a creative skill and a design is a well thought out plan for its implementation.

Having a design is an important process so the client can be sure they’re getting the landscape and garden they want. Design is not an after thought, it’s an important part of the landscape process.

I listen to your wants and needs, and look closely at the landscape to see how it can all be best put together. The design process also includes 1 or more visits with the client in which we have a conversation about the design and how it’s developing.

Having a design plan will avoid costly mistakes of common issues like planting too closely, poor plant choices, over or under buying, going over budget or not utilizing the budget properly, or the garden not turning out like envisioned.

Design work is a professional skill and requires many hours of work. Design work has its own fee and does not carry towards installation work.

The Process


1.Get in Touch

I offer a free 30-minute phone consultation to help you determine the best path for your project. We’ll discuss your landscape project and goals, timeline, budget, and preferences. If you have any questions about EARTHeim, my process, or about your project, this is a great time to ask them. You may go ahead and fill out the Consultation Survey, or review it to prepare for our phone consultation.

Click here to schedule a free phone consultation

2. Initial On-Site Consultation and Landscape Evaluation

The next step in the process is to schedule an initial on-site consultation and landscape evaluation. At this meeting I will come prepared with specific information about your site to aid us in determining the possibilities of your project. I will walk your property with you, discuss what your likes and dislikes are about your garden now, make suggestions regarding layout and design elements, answer any questions you may have (anything from plant care to the landscape design process) and get to know you a little better.


3. Conceptual Design & Design Proposal

Concept plans will be created to give you a visual layout outlining my ideas combined with your preferences. We will meet to go over these concepts and to discuss proposed plant materials and other features to give you a feel for the space and the opportunity to select materials that appeal to you. If you choose to move forward, there is a 50% design deposit to get started on the design.

4. Design Creation & Presentation

The final step in the design process is to assemble the concept plans, elements, and materials, into the final plan. A booklet with plant photos, botanical and common names, quantities, sizes, and maintenance guidelines can be included for an additional fee.

A final design includes a black and white scaled drawing which may be used for installation purposes. The design may also include representational images, a design board, or a series of other drawings if needed. A color illustrated plan or a custom garden booklet can be requested for an additional fee.

For more information, click here for the FAQ page.

Post Design

Installation or Garden Coaching

You may choose to install the design yourself or hire EARTHeim for the installation. If you’re looking to install the design yourself, I’m available as a Garden Coach to help guide you during the installation.

I’m able to provide installations for projects including removals, planting, mulching, and installing small sections of landscape pavers or decorative stones. I’m available as a consultant working with contractors and other businesses of your choice on larger projects with large removals, ponds and fountains, decking, and hardscaping. I have a preferred hardscaping company I work with that is excellent.

Installation timeline varies based on the scope of the project and scheduling. Installations depend on weather and usually begin in April and wrap up in October.

Custom Garden Booklet

You may request a customized garden booklet made specifically for you and your garden. This includes a binder filled with photos and information about the specific plants in your garden and how to take care of your new garden and plants. You can receive a quote for this booklet at the Design Presentation.


After the installation you may decide to sign up for a fine gardening plan. Plans are based on number of visits per season or month and number of hours per visit.

Click here to learn more about fine gardening services.