Garden Coaching

In Person & Virtual Garden Coaching Services in Lexington, KY

What is Garden Coaching?

Garden coaching is for anyone who wishes to learn more about gardening. They may have a certain project in mind we can focus on and the homeowner can tackle the project at their own pace. As a garden coach, my goal is to teach you the best techniques and resources on how to create the best garden you can. You can be an experienced gardener, or you can basically have a black thumb, garden coaching does not have any pre-requisites.

Examples of how garden coaching could help you:

  • The next step to your project
  • Simply, motivation! An accountability partner


  • Gardening Resources/Products
  • How to be frugal in the garden
  • By simply saving time, money, and hard work
  • Having a list of tasks and in what order to tackle them
  • Addressing concerns in the landscape such as: soil, drainage, plant health care, invasive plants, etc.
  • How to revamp and reconfigure the garden
  • How to look at the space to create your dream garden
  • Suggesting plants for certain areas
  • Identifying plants and if they’re working in the landscape
  • Identifying plants

Gardening Techniques

  • Learning how to garden sustainably
  • How to plant, mulch, water, and weed most effectively
  • What are the weeds and how to get rid of them
  • Eradicating invasive plants
  • The best tools and how to take care of them (buying the best tools up front can save your hundreds of dollars)
  • How to plant a tree properly
  • How to mulch properly
  • Watering skills
  • The how, when, what of fertilizing
  • Educational resources

Design Installation

  • Meeting you at the nursery to pick out plants
  • Procuring the plants in your design
  • Marking out garden bed lines
  • Placing plants before being planted
  • Overseeing hardscape installation within the garden

How To

  • Methods for eradicating invasive plants
  • Proper gardening techniques and methods
  • How to plant trees, shrubs, perennials, annual pots
  • How to prune properly

Vegetable Garden & Homesteads

  • How to start plants from seed, when to plant
  • Growing vegetables and other edible plants
  • How to set up a homestead- chickens, garden, compost, etc.
  • How to compost


  • Pests
  • Diseases
  • Pruning mistakes

Pollinators, Birds

  • How to attract more birds and pollinators to the garden
  • Creating a certified Monarch Waystation or Backyard Wildlife Habitat
  • The sustainable methods for nativescaping
  • All about native bees

In Person Garden Coaching

STEP 1. Initial Consultation

The consultation is where we will take a tour of your current garden or project area. We can talk about your vision, goals, and struggles, and the steps to take to accomplish your project. After this consultation, I follow up with you with a written summary of our consultation plus other relevant information that will guide you in your project. This consultation portion usually lasts around 60 minutes.

Initial Consultation Fee $150/$165

STEP 2. Additional Sessions

You may wish to continue with additional sessions, in-person or virtually, that will expand and go more in depth as you tackle your project. In person sessions have a minimum of 1 hour. Virtual sessions have a minimum of 15min.

1 Hour In Person Garden Coaching Session $75

1.5 Hour In-Person Garden Coaching Session $100

Virtual Garden Coaching

Virtual Garden Coaching

Available by Phone Call, Email, FaceTime, or Zoom.

Virtual Gardening Coaching is available for more general gardening questions related to plant care, garden care, garden planning, gardening skills and methods, resources, etc. If you’re an existing client, these sessions are great if you have questions about moving forward with your project.

If you’re looking for plant recommendations, you can prepare by observing and being able to describe the site’s conditions like sunlight and soil quality. If you’re looking for specific recommendations for an on-site project, I recommend starting with an initial in-person consultation if possible.

  • Upon your purchase you will see a link to fill out a form. Or you may click here.
  • If you would like a different amount of time, just contact me and we will get you set up!

Garden Coaching Specials

Gold Garden Coaching Package

Initial Garden Coaching Session + 1 Hr In Person Session + 30 Min Virtual Session $250 ($20 Savings)

In Person Garden Coaching Package

Three 1 Hour In Person Garden Coaching Sessions $210 ($15 savings)

Existing clients only. Contact me for this special

Virtual Garden Coaching Package

Three 30 Minute Virtual Sessions $80 ($10 Savings)

Specials must be used within 1 year from date of purchase.