In Person Garden Coaching

If you’re simply looking for help renovating your garden and home landscape, starting a new one, or issues with your current garden, garden coaching may be just what you need. Garden Coaching serves any type of gardener: from the experienced to the black thumb. Anyone interested in knowing more about gardening or how to transform their garden themselves will benefit from this service.

STEP 1. Foundational Consultation

This is the first step to a garden coaching plan. This is a 60 to 90 minute session where we will meet one another and learn about your vision and challenges. During this consultation we will identify any evident issues in the landscape. We will also discuss your landscape goals and talk about the steps to get you there.

After this consultation, I follow up with you with a written summary of our consultation plus other relevant information that will guide you in your project.

Fill out the Consultation Survey to get started.

STEP 2. Keep on Growing! Additional Garden Coaching Sessions

After our foundational consultation you may wish to continue our relationship with additional sessions. Our sessions can be utilized according to what you wish to learn or the project you’re tackling.

I’m available to help you via:

  • In person sessions at your home
  • At the garden center to pick out plants

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What is Garden Coaching?

Garden coaching is for the DIY homeowner. Garden coaching is training to individuals seeking the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully plan, develop, manage and maintain their personal outdoor spaces.

I work closely with clients to empower them to learn the skills and tasks needed to complete the garden project they desire. A garden coaching program may consist of a couple of sessions or evolve into a program of lifelong learning. Garden consulting may also be useful for the client who has a garden design, but would like help installing it themselves.

For some, the initial consultation is enough to get them started in a good direction. Others may need additional sessions that last through the season or even over a period of a few years. Every garden coaching program is tailored to the client’s needs.

Examples of how garden coaching could help you:

  • By simply saving time, money, and hard work
  • Having a list of tasks and in what order to tackle them
  • Addressing concerns in the landscape such as: soil, drainage, plant health care, invasive plants, etc.
  • How to revamp and reconfigure the garden
  • How to look at the space to create your dream garden
  • Identifying plants and if they’re working in the landscape
  • Suggesting plants for certain areas throughout the garden
  • Help picking out plants for your space at a nursery
  • Laying out garden bed lines or plants from a design
  • Overseeing hardscape installation within the garden
  • Methods for eradicating invasive plants
  • Proper gardening techniques and methods
  • How to plant trees, shrubs, perennials, annual pots
  • How to prune properly
  • How to start plants from seed, when to plant
  • Learning how to garden sustainably
  • How to plant, mulch, water, and weed most effectively
  • Growing vegetables and other edible plants
  • How to set up a homestead- chickens, garden, compost, etc.
  • How to compost
  • What are the weeds and how to get rid of them
  • How to attract more birds and pollinators to the garden
  • Creating a Monarch Waystation or Backyard Wildlife Habitat
  • Sources for the best plants, mulch, and other gardening materials


What should I do to get ready for our first meeting?

Resist the urge to get out and do anything in the garden! Simply leave the garden be so we may look at the garden together. Instead, focus on coming up with ideas and images that represent the garden you dream of.

Do you help me do the work?

I am here as guidance to help you create the garden of your dreams! Garden coaching is mostly hands off. I can demonstrate tasks such as pruning, how to dig, remove sod, etc. to get you started.

I also want to see the tools you have so I can offer advice on how to best use them, or suggest a tool that may work better. If you’re starting from scratch and don’t have garden tools, I can offer suggestions for the best tools to use for the investment.

Do you offer this service outside of Lexington, Kentucky?

I’m available for travel to surrounding areas outside of Lexington. A travel fee will apply.

How does pricing work?

There is a set fee for the initial consultation. Additional sessions are charged by the half hour.