Online Services

If you’re not local, or just need some gardening or design advice, I’m available for online meetings and services to help you grow a greener thumb!

I’m available to meet via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or by phone call.

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Digital Consultations

I offer online digital consultations for those who are located at further distances, or if you are local but want a ‘mini’ consultation for a single space within your landscape.

These consultations are virtual meetings where we look at your garden space for design and plant choices. Consultations can also include any general gardening questions you may have.

Garden spaces under 500 sq ft are eligible for ‘mini’ consultations. I am open to also working with clients located at remote distances.

The homeowner needs to complete and submit some tasks before our meeting.

Consultations last up to 60 minutes $75

Online Designs

After a digital consultation, I can create a garden design for your small garden space.

The homeowner will need to complete some tasks such as:

  • measurements
  • soil moisture
  • recording sunlight
  • location of existing plants

Cost varies depending on the size of the space and desired features.

Online Garden Coaching

Garden Coaching is one on one attention where I can advise you on any garden or garden planning questions you may have. Some topics we can potentially discuss are: issues with your garden, working with micro-climates, garden care, attracting pollinators and birds, raising butterflies, vegetable gardening, chicken keeping, composting, soil amending, proper garden techniques, and resources to grow your greener thumb.

I offer in-person garden coaching sessions as well.


  • 30min/$35
  • 45min/$50
  • 1hr/$60

“Re-magic your piece of earth”