Online Services

I offer 3 types of Online Services. Please read each description below for which of these online services may suite your project. I’m available to meet via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or by phone call.

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Virtual Landscape Consultation

Certain projects may be eligible for a digital consultation. This is where we can meet digitally to look over and discuss your landscaping goals and plans. Here’s when having a digital consultation vs. an in-person consultation can be right for you.

Digital consultations are eligible for:

  1. Customers/sites located more than 2 hour drive from Lexington, KY and who would like a landscape design

2. Customers with one or two garden spaces totaling 500 sq ft or smaller. (Which is roughly 15’x30′ or 20’x25′) and who want a landscape design OR design/plant suggestions for that space.

3. If you are looking for general plant suggestions for your garden spaces

Some homework must be completed before our meeting including

  • Photos of the space (close up and further away)
  • List of existing plants in the space
  • General sunlight pattern (full sun, partial sun, shade)
  • General estimate on bed width and length

Digital Consultations last up to 60 minutes $75

Virtual Consultation doesn’t suite your needs? >>>Click Here to Learn More About In-Person Consultations<<<

Landscape Design- Virtual Option

A landscape design can be created after our digital consultation. This online service differs than a normal landscape design because I do not visit the site, so some homework is assigned to the homeowner! The homework includes:

  • Taking detailed measurments
  • Examining soil moisture and soil type (a soil test may be necessary)
  • Recording sunlight patterns
  • Documenting the location of existing plants
  • Any other pertinent details

During our digital consultation, I will give you guidelines on how to complete each task. Online designs are a good option if you are located at further distances and want an EARTHeim design, have a small garden bed you’d like a design for, and want a more budget friendly option and are willing to do the site analysis.

Virtual Garden Coaching

Online Garden Coaching is for general gardening questions such as plant care, garden care, attracting pollinators and birds, raising butterflies, vegetable gardening, chicken keeping, composting, soil amending, proper gardening techniques, and resources to help you grow your greener thumb!

If you would like plant suggestions for your landscape, we will need to schedule a digital or an in person consultation session.

Online Garden Coaching Session Options

  • up to 30min/$35
  • 30-45min/$50
  • 45min-1hr/$60

You may add on additional time during our call if needed. If we are on the call and you’d like additional time. Payment is due 2 days before our scheduled appointment day.

You may also opt for In-Person Garden Coaching