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About the Plants

My plants are grown from sustainably sourced seed, cuttings, divisions, and sometimes plugs. I do not use any pesticides, which means they are safe for pollinators and consumption. Often nurseries and big box stores do not know if their plants have been treated with neonicitinoid pesticides or not. If you purchase plants with these systemic pesticides, they will harm pollinators.

Nearly all of my plants are straight species. Sometimes I may have some cultivars of plants because I believe they are useful. For example Tall Phlox ‘Jeana’ is actually more attractive to pollinators than the straight species (ref. Mt Cuba Center). Some cultivars also have better disease resistance.

I use all natural and certified organic products to grow my plants.

Most of the pots I use have been repurposed to cut down on plastic going into the landfill. I can reuse certain size pots (1 gallon, 4″ tall pots, quarts). Please do not drop off pots that are not this size and please contact me if you have pots to drop off.

Funds from plant sales go to make the nursery better.

I greatly appreciate your business, you do not know how much it means to me!

~Katrina Kelly, KCN

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