Estimates & Consultations


Estimates for landscape cleanup are free if within Lexington. Outside of Lexington, a travel fee will apply.

On Site Consultation

Up to 1.5hr visit $60

The consultation fee is due at the time of the consultation by cash only. Please, no checks for the consultation.

To schedule a consultation, please fill out this form beforehand. This allows me to learn more about your wishes and come better prepared to serve you.

Consultations are a great way to learn about your garden and address issues that may be happening in the landscape. During this on site initial consultation we will meet one another and discuss the current condition of the site. We will idealize a design vision and assess your needs and wants of the landscape.

A consultation may also be very beneficial when considering purchasing or selling a home. A landscape that needs a lot of work that could be a negotiating factor that could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Everyone benefits from a consultation, wether your a diy-er, moved into a new home, or wanting a new planting design for your garden. A consultation may also save you a lot of money or work.

Some topics that may be addressed during a consultation:

  • Issues in the landscape, like drainage, invasive plants, plant diseases and pests
  • General maintenance suggestions
  • Plant identification
  • Suggestions for plants
  • General design ideas
  • Resources for plants, materials, or references for other professional services

Notes are typed post consultation and sent to the owner for reference

For consultations outside of Lexington, a travel fee will be added per mile outside zip code 40514. Estimated travel fees to local areas: Frankfort $15, Richmond $25, Georgetown $20

Instructional Consultation

$50 per hour

If you’re looking to cleanup or install a design yourself, but need help getting started on your own, I am available for additional instructional consultations. This may include:

  • Showing you methods for getting rid of invasive plants
  • How to plant, mulch, water, weed most effectively
  • Laying out garden bed lines or plants
  • Picking out the best choice of plants at a nursery
  • Being present during hardscape installation