The Garden Scoop: What Types of Landscapers are There?

The landscaping industry is broad and choosing the right professional depends on the demands of your project. Hiring the right professional can put your dream garden into reality. Hiring the wrong professional could become a costly mistake that you may not even realize for years later, when that shrub planted two feet from the houseContinue reading “The Garden Scoop: What Types of Landscapers are There?”

The Garden Scoop: What Services Do Landscaping Businesses Offer?

There are many different types of landscape businesses and each will offer their own set of services. It is important to research a landscape business before deciding to inquire about a project. You may want to look over their website or speak with them on the phone to see if they offer the services youContinue reading “The Garden Scoop: What Services Do Landscaping Businesses Offer?”

Toxic Dyed Mulch

Dyed mulches seem to be a common material used among homeowners and commercial landscapes today. Unfortunately, dyed mulches in black, red, and even brown is what is most available for purchase at big box stores, gas stations, and sometimes local nurseries. It can be more difficult to find mulch that has not been dyed, butContinue reading “Toxic Dyed Mulch”

The Annual Christmas Bird Count

The annual Christmas bird count happens every year from December 14th-January 5th. The Audubon Society hosts the nationwide/worldwide event, but the counts are done by local groups that convene on their own. You can search for a group near you on the Audubon website, or consider developing your own! Each group does one count onContinue reading “The Annual Christmas Bird Count”

Winter Leaves on Trees: Marcescence

If you’ve seen trees hold onto some brown leaves during the winter, this adaptation is called marcescence. We all know it’s normal for trees to loose their leaves in the fall. Cold weather signals the tree to do so. When this happens, the cells around the vein of the leaf stem, which carries the waterContinue reading “Winter Leaves on Trees: Marcescence”