Historical Home Garden Tour


The garden at this historical home was give a new landscape update this late summer. We removed the old roses and boxwoods and installed a whole new native plant landscape.

A garden bed planted near the corner of the property was added for several functions. First, it will help mitigate storm water runoff coming uphill from the street. Second, it will help create more privacy along this busy street. Third, it’s nice to look out from inside the house at a garden space.

A courtyard garden was added which extended from another garden they installed many years ago. This courtyard ties together the side and front yards. It again helps add more privacy, and it utilizes an area of full sunlight. I was able to incorporate many colorful perennials in this garden since other parts of the garden are shadier. A new arbor was built to mimic the style of their existing pergola. Once the wood cures, it can be stained or painted to match the architecture of the home.

Overall, more winter and fall interest was added to this garden with the addition of the arbor, the stone edging, evergreens, and shrubs that change color in the fall. An old lilac now looks like a sculptural element after a detailed pruning job. Lastly, we installed new drainage pipes that emits water into the lawn rather than the garden, which was causing erosion.