GreenCheck Lexington Awards 2019

In September, GreenCheck Lexington accepted 9 new members into its certification program. This Lexington based program provides resources to local businesses and organizations in order to become more sustainable.

To become certified, businesses follow a scorecard where points can be earned for completing certain tasks. The main categories of these tasks are based on sustainability management, outreach and education, energy efficiency, waste reduction, water conservation, urban forestry/landscapes, purchasing, transportation, and innovative efforts such as installing a green roof. Some tasks are simple such as ‘implement a basic recycling program’, while others like ‘host an environmental focused event’ may take more effort.

To become certified, the business much reach a minimum score to become a Member, and can earn more points to reach higher levels of Bronze, Silver, and Gold if efforts go beyond the minimum. Business can re-certify every 3 years and have a chance to increase their certification level at that time. Learn more about GreenCheck Lexington.

GreenCheck Lexington EARTHeim Landscape Design Studio

EARTHeim is a Silver member!

A few ways EARTHeim is a sustainable business:

  • Promoting the use of native plants, which good for the environment on many levels (soil, air, water quality, pollinators, wildlife)
  • Using environmentally conscious landscaping products and abstaining from any chemical use.
  • Reducing energy through LED light bulbs, conserving paper, recycling, repurposing items, reducing waste.
  • Completing a project through the Environmental Citizen’s Academy 2019
  • Reducing lawn and planting pollinator gardens, implementing rain gardens and rain barrels.
  • Growing food, composting
  • Environmental education, volunteering at environmental focus events, community projects
  • Visit GreenCheck Lexington
GreenCheck Lexington 2019

Other businesses certified in 2019:

  • Leisure Lawn & Landscaping- Silver
  • West Sixth Brewing- Bronze
  • GRW- Bronze
  • Carson’s Food & Drink- Bronze
  • Downtown Lexington Partnership- Member
  • Clark Law Office- Member
  • Barnhill Chimney- Member

Find a full list of certified businesses here.