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Monarch Waystations: Certify Your Garden

What is it about butterflies that we love? Their colors and patterns are striking, they fly elegantly in the air and drink nectar from colorful flowers. Not only do they bring a lot of joy, pollinators are an important part of our ecosystem. They pollinate flowers…

Ways a Gardener Can Help You

When clients come to me for help they often express they just want to enjoy their garden and landscape and not have to work on it all the time. I completely understand, it’s hard to enjoy your garden when the only time spent in…

Ways A Landscape Designer Can Help You

Creating a new garden from the ground up or renovating an existing one is an arduous task. It also takes knowledge- knowing plant species and where to plant them, microclimates, soil, drainage, functionality, flow, how to plant, buying materials, aesthetic appeal just to name a…

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