Ecological Landscaping

Ecological landscaping is the design, build, and maintenance of landscaped spaces while considering the natural ecology of an area. Ecological landscape designers create gardens that enhance the surrounding environment for the benefit of humans and all other life forms within the ecosystem too. Ecological landscape designers may concentrate on rain gardens, pollinator and wildlife gardens,Continue reading “Ecological Landscaping”

GreenCheck Lexington Awards 2019

In September, GreenCheck Lexington accepted 9 new members into its certification program. This Lexington based program provides resources to local businesses and organizations in order to become more sustainable. To become certified, businesses follow a scorecard where points can be earned for completing certain tasks. The main categories of these tasks are based on sustainabilityContinue reading “GreenCheck Lexington Awards 2019”

What is Garden Coaching?

To learn more about my personal Garden Coaching Service click here Who is a Garden Coach? A garden coach is a knowledgeable professional who can help guide clients in their gardening project with an array of tasks. A garden coach is just like a music lesson teacher, cooking teacher, or personal lifestyle coach, but appliedContinue reading “What is Garden Coaching?”

Monarch Waystations: Certify Your Garden

What is it about butterflies that we love?┬áTheir┬ácolors and patterns are striking, they fly elegantly in the air and drink nectar from colorful flowers. Not only do they bring a lot of joy, pollinators are an important part of our ecosystem. They pollinate flowers and food, and they are a building block of the foodContinue reading “Monarch Waystations: Certify Your Garden”

What is Landscape Design?

What is a Landscape Design? A landscape design at its basic, is a drawn and written down plan of landscape and garden spaces. A design can be created on various scales depending on the project. For example, a city may have an urban plan which may show where new parks or green infrastructure will go.Continue reading “What is Landscape Design?”