What is Garden Coaching?

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Who is a Garden Coach?

A garden coach is a knowledgeable professional who can help guide clients in their gardening project with an array of tasks. A garden coach is just like a music lesson teacher, cooking teacher, or personal lifestyle coach, but applied to gardening.

Someone who offers this service is likely very knowledgeable, but feel free to ask for their credentials or read their bio online if they have one.

Who is Garden Coaching for?

Garden coaching is for anyone…

  • who is interested in learning more about gardening
  • who wants to transform their space into their dream garden themselves…but are unsure how to go about it.
  • who has any kind of garden project where they need guidance

How can a Garden Coach help me?

A garden coach can help in a variety of ways and it mainly depends on what you’re looking for and the service they offer. Usually there is some type of project you’d like to do, such as:

  • Learning how to take care of your current garden
  • Revamping your current garden or starting a garden from scratch
  • Starting a homestead or vegetable garden
  • Creating a wildlife habitat for pollinators and birds
  • Transitioning to a native plant garden
  • A garden coach could also help guide the DIY implementation of a design they created for you.

After a consultation a garden coach should be able to offer recommendations on how to go about your project.

Can a personal garden coach save me money?

There is a good chance hiring a garden coach will pay for itself. A garden coach can simply prevent costly mistakes through their guidance. A coach also prevents mistakes that would  have cost you effort, time and labor. Here are some examples of how a garden coach would save these valuable resources:

  • By avoid planting for the wrong space, sunlight, or soil. Any of these could cause the plant to grow into spaces you don’t want it to, or it could die and there will be unneeded expense to remove and replace it.
  • Being able to plant the right plants in the right space, so the garden establishes faster by avoiding redoing mistakes.
  • Avoid planting aggressive or invasive plants that would be costly or a lot of work to remove.
  • Realizing a plant has a certain pest or diseases that would lead to its decline, but if treated it would save the plant.
  • Increasing yields of the vegetable garden or homestead
  • Having a plan and list of tasks that will save time and frustration of not knowing how to begin.
  • Avoid buying poor quality gardening tools or unneeded supplies

Having a personal garden coach is also an investment in your education and you will be learning knowledge that you can use throughout your lifetime.

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