A ‘Messy’ Winter Garden Sustains Wildlife

Wintertime is a dormant time and fall is the time to prepare. But what if preparing meant this was the time to do nothing? Besides cleaning the gutters, putting the rain barrels up, the fall garden requires little to no work and leaving the garden be is the best thing that can be done. GardensContinue reading “A ‘Messy’ Winter Garden Sustains Wildlife”

Crows, Blackbirds, & Ravens

What’s that black bird over there? There are several species of birds that have all black feathers. Crows are a familiar bird that can be found nearly everywhere in America. They are a very adaptable bird, which allows them to live in various environments. It may be one reason why humans have given crows some type ofContinue reading “Crows, Blackbirds, & Ravens”

Effects of Light Pollution on Wildlife

It was an October night, I was standing outside on the second floor of a motel looking out to the ocean of Myrtle Beach. Out there I saw true darkness, but it was still hard to see the complete darkness for the glare of a motel light. Bugs and moths were buzzing all around it.Continue reading “Effects of Light Pollution on Wildlife”

Take Houseplants Outside

Taking your houseplants outdoors can keep them healthy throughout the year. Here are some helpful tips!

Butterfly Milkweed- Plant of the Year

Butterfly Milkweed has been listed as plant of the year 2017 by the Perennial Plant Association. I’m not surprised, this ‘weed’ is a beauty. Despite it’s name, it doesn’t act weedy in the garden, so don’t be afraid to add it to your landscape. It’s just starting to bloom here in Kentucky, with its orangeContinue reading “Butterfly Milkweed- Plant of the Year”