Hartland Gardens Before & After

We recently installed a new front yard garden for a lovely residence. The landscape had been planted around 10-13 years ago and needed some updating. The two past cold winters with a lot of snow and below freezing temperatures had done a number on the boxwoods. Many non-native species in our area have had hard hits in our area, including boxwoods, crape myrtle, skip laurels, and nandinas. We refrain from using nearly all of these plants in landscapes we design because of their cold intolerance to this area. Many local nurseries are beginning not to sell these species. The rest of the landscape comprised of a leaning pussy willow that had not been properly staked, a Japanese maple, and some roses that had mostly died out due to reaching their time.

Before Images:





We removed everything in the beds, including the stumps and transplanted a few small perennials. We replaced the landscape with a variety of evergreens, shrubs, and perennials. Most of the plants are native and will do well in the rougher winters which are becoming more common in our climate. The landscape will fill in over time as the shrubs fill out and perennials develop. For spring interest, there are a few different white blooming shrubs that will also provide for pollinators early in the season. As the season moves into summer, there are some red, orange, and yellow perennials that will provide color all summer. A couple of the deciduous shrubs will provide some nice fall color as the temperatures cool. The evergreens provide winter interest when everything else has lost its leaves. We loved working with the clients favorite colors and terraced garden to create a fresh landscape with color!

After Images:






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