Free Virtual Garden Tours

2020 was a tough year to get out and do anything, and it looks like the beginning of 2021 (at least) is going to be about the same. I know many parks and hiking trails have been closed, which has made it difficult to enjoy the outdoors beyond the backyard. Thankfully, many gardens have created virtual garden tours!!

On the positive, these digital excursions have been a blessing for someone like me. It’s extremely rarely I ever get to do anything besides work, chores, or a little shopping. I have enjoyed being able to go on these ‘tours’.

Below is a YouTube playlist I created with a roundup of garden tours from around the world. Visit the organization’s channel if you’d like to see more garden goodness!

My Virtual Garden Tour Youtube Playlist

Click the icon (3 lines with an arrow) in the top right corner of the video to see the full playlist.

The following is a list of garden tours that you can visit right on the garden’s website:

Birmingham Botanic Gardens (UK)

Highgrove: Home of Prince of Wales & Dutchess of Cornwall

Hicote National Trust Garden

US Botanical Garden

Lewis Ginter Garden

Denver Botanic Gardens

Theodore Payne Native Plant Garden Past Annual Tours