The Robber Fly

Once you start planting a garden, you start witnessing fun things, especially when you plant native plants, edible plants, and pollinator loving annuals (all without pesticides on them of course!). As I was looking at the flowers on my hanging basket, I saw this guy fly up and land. Its giant green eyes were nearly as big as its head and it was moving its head around looking for something.  I had no idea what this insect was, so I had to look it up!

This robber fly is quite the hunter. He was siting and waiting until the perfect piece of prey arrived. Its body shape is quite unique. His body is like a little ball with a long ‘tail’ and 6 legs arranged perfectly below his body. He has whisps on his feet to hold his prey, and a long mouth that helps him eat his prey.

How it eats is kind of out of a horror story (or really this is where horror stories get their ideas!). The fly catches its prey and stings it with its mouth. The chemical from the fly liquifies the prey’s insides and then he it sucks it out. We saw the robber fly discard a couple of big ant’s bodies onto the ground when he was done. Not the most glamorous of stories, but what a unique insect you don’t see everyday!

P.S. The robber fly totally left me alone!



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