12 Tips for Winter Prep at Home


It’s always best to be prepared for snow. Here is a checklist to being prepared this winter!

  • Stock the pantry well. Canned and frozen foods are always nice to have on hand as well as dried fruit, nuts, crackers, and hot chocolate mix!
  • Have a second way to prepare meals if you loose power. Maybe you have a fire pit or grill outside you can heat up to cook food on. You can also purchase small backpacking camp stoves or even a little larger camping ones. Just make sure you use these outside.
  • Keep candles around in case you loose power. You can make a simple heater out of terra cotta pots and a metal pan with candles if you loose power and don’t have a fireplace. There are many ways to make them, just research. Beeswax candles are clean burning candles that actually release negative ions while burning!
  • A solar powered charging station may be good to have to charge phones.
  • Have a good snow shovel and salt. Go ahead and purchase some salt at the beginning of the season. Stores always run out and you may not be able to get out of your driveway to get some. If you get in a bind, Amazon prime delivers in two days!
  • Make sure you know your work’s policies on inclement weather.
  • Insulate windows, doors, garages, attics with weather stripping.
  • Make sure your winter blankets, coats, sweaters, and boots are clean and ready for use.
  • If you have a fireplace make sure the shoot is clear, and check your carbon monoxide detector.
  • Clean leaves out of gutters and make sure they’re fastened well.
  • Reverse ceiling fans
  • Have the sled ready!
  • Clean out the garage; things tend to accumulate in the garage since we’re not outside as much.
  • Shake out your floor rugs outside before it gets too cold and you’re less tempted to do it.
  • Air out the home one last time before it’s too cold to have the windows open.

Prepare the garden for winter by following these tips from this blog post: Preparing the Garden For Winter


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