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Featured Article on Retro Renovation- Photographing Interiors

Check out Retro Renovation’s post on Taking Photos of Interiors They have posted some good tips They have included a photo I submitted for their 300 Living Rooms!

A Snow Day in Kentucky

These past couple of weeks in Kentucky have seen some pretty¬†memorizing¬†weather patterns. Some of them have been delightful, while others have not been the best for people. One day my mom, her friend, and I were walking our dogs at a park. There was… Continue Reading “A Snow Day in Kentucky”

Thanksgiving Wondering in Kentucky

A Thanksgiving excursion around Western Kentucky

Falling Leaves of Fall

The leaves are beginning to disappear! My maples are almost completely bare My oak tree is a brilliant gold though and still has a majority of its leaves. This tree came to our house as a sapling from my grandpa’s farm! Roxie enjoys playing… Continue Reading “Falling Leaves of Fall”

Apple Picking Season!

A fun afternoon at Appleberry Farm in Cross Plains, Wisconsin.