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Featured Article on Retro Renovation- Photographing Interiors

Check out Retro Renovation’s post on Taking Photos of Interiors They have posted some good tips They have included a photo I submitted for their 300 Living Rooms!

A Snow Day in Kentucky

These past couple of weeks in Kentucky have seen some pretty memorizing weather patterns. Some of them have been delightful, while others have not been the best for people. One day my mom, her friend, and I were walking our dogs at a park. There was… Continue Reading “A Snow Day in Kentucky”

Thanksgiving Wondering in Kentucky

A Thanksgiving excursion around Western Kentucky

Falling Leaves of Fall

The leaves are beginning to disappear! My maples are almost completely bare My oak tree is a brilliant gold though and still has a majority of its leaves. This tree came to our house as a sapling from my grandpa’s farm! Roxie enjoys playing… Continue Reading “Falling Leaves of Fall”

Apple Picking Season!

A fun afternoon at Appleberry Farm in Cross Plains, Wisconsin.