DIY Outdoor Oil Lamps

Last summer eating outside on the gazebo proved to be quite dark sometimes. We tried to illuminate with candles, but they didn’t spread enough light and we just ended up being blinded by glare of the candle. Before lots of gazebo sitting began to happen this spring, we found some nifty oil lamps to makeContinue reading “DIY Outdoor Oil Lamps”

Turning the Lawn into a Garden

  Photo from I no longer have to mow my front yard and it’s wonderful! One problem I had with my front yard is that I could not get grass to grow. The previous summer I tried to revamp the lawn with no luck. I purchased a chemical recommended by a Home Depot employeeContinue reading “Turning the Lawn into a Garden”

Edges & Borders in your Garden

Mowing the yard this summer has been a daunting task. Not that it’s been harder, but what I see around the yard while mowing reminds me of work needing to be done. You can tell from the photo below I really dislike weedeating. Mine is electric and I have a very long yard, which meansContinue reading “Edges & Borders in your Garden”

Dandelion Wine

It has been a fast paced spring so far and I’ve barely been able to keep up. Between working, searching for full time employment, home projects, lots of volunteer work, friends/family, and getting my garden going, there’s been lots of ideas for posts, but little time forĀ fruition. However, there’s some fruition going on in myContinue reading “Dandelion Wine”

DIY Valentine Catnip Mice

Show some love to your feline friends this Valentines with these DIY catnip mice. The ones I made are in my Etsy shop for an instant gift. To make the mice you will need colored felt sheets embroidery floss 1/4 C (2oz) catnip mint per mouse sewing needle sharp scissors Cut your felt sheets intoContinue reading “DIY Valentine Catnip Mice”