Tag: Fall Garden Cleanup

Early Fall Garden Harvest

With cold weather approaching, I took some last days of t-shirt weather and did some tidying up in the garden. I completely advocate being a ‘lazy’ gardener when it comes fall time to create winter wildlife habitat. There are some things I do before… Continue Reading “Early Fall Garden Harvest”

A ‘Messy’ Winter Garden Sustains Wildlife

Wintertime is a dormant time and fall is the time to prepare. But what if preparing meant this was the time to do nothing? Besides cleaning the gutters, putting the rain barrels up, the fall garden requires little to no work and leaving the… Continue Reading “A ‘Messy’ Winter Garden Sustains Wildlife”

Preparing the Garden for Winter

Preparing the garden for winter consists of cleaning up and covering. Although it may seem not much is going on in our garden over the winter months, there is still abundant life going on underground and inside nooks and crannies we can’t see. Properly… Continue Reading “Preparing the Garden for Winter”