A ‘Messy’ Winter Garden Sustains Wildlife

Wintertime is a dormant time and fall is the time to prepare. But what if preparing meant this was the time to do nothing? Besides cleaning the gutters, putting the rain barrels up, the fall garden requires little to no work and leaving the garden be is the best thing that can be done. GardensContinue reading “A ‘Messy’ Winter Garden Sustains Wildlife”

Blazing Star (Liatris)

  One of my favorite perennials is the Blazing Star, or commonly referred to as ‘Liatris’ as its latin name. It is also called Gay Feather as I’ve seen large nursery companies refer it to. There are a lot of varieties of Blazing Stars, about 30 total, but overall they have many similar characteristics. TheyContinue reading “Blazing Star (Liatris)”