The Minimalists’ Book Tour: Louisville, KY

I found The Minimalists around January of 2012 when I wanted to go through a major purge of things around my home, and also some stuff on the inside. It seemed a lot of the stuff on the outside, clutter, chaos, was correlating with a mess of things going on on the inside from justContinue reading “The Minimalists’ Book Tour: Louisville, KY”

Turning the Lawn into a Garden

  Photo from I no longer have to mow my front yard and it’s wonderful! One problem I had with my front yard is that I could not get grass to grow. The previous summer I tried to revamp the lawn with no luck. I purchased a chemical recommended by a Home Depot employeeContinue reading “Turning the Lawn into a Garden”

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs Peeled Perfectly

Perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs are great. If they’re overcooked they can turn rubbery with dry and yuck grey yolks (ferrous sulfide). So keep reading and no longer feel stumped about getting perfect boiled eggs. One of my favorite books is The Science of Good Food. If you liked Alton Brown’s show, then you mightContinue reading “Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs Peeled Perfectly”

Appalachia Music & New Albums

I’m super excited about this post. It is about one of my favortist subjects; Appalachian music. The music that was created from those who came from Ireland and England to the hills of Kentucky. I’m not sure exactly where my initial interest in folk music came from, but I remember going to the Appalachian/Bluegrass concertsContinue reading “Appalachia Music & New Albums”

The Art of Wabi Sabi

Imagine a crack in a vase. Imagine how you would feel if there all of a sudden was a big crack in your favorite vase. Now imagine instead of feeling anger about the crack, just fill that gap with pure gold.┬áThis is the teaching of Wabi Sabi. Wabi Sabi has it’s roots in Japanese ZenContinue reading “The Art of Wabi Sabi”