The Bad Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush is a flowering shrub lots of people think of when they think of creating a butterfly garden. I admit, their flowers are pretty! They do attract butterflies! But… There are a lot more beneficial plants you can use in a butterfly garden than a butterfly bush. Butterfly Bush is not a native plant,Continue reading “The Bad Butterfly Bush”

Attract Hummingbirds to Your Garden

Hummingbirds are amazing creatures! They have long beaks, are tiny, and flutter their wings 60 to 90 times per second! They are even more amazing birds because of their migration pattern. In fall, the hummingbirds from Kentucky travel south down to Florida along the Gulf coast. They spend about a week here and gain aboutContinue reading “Attract Hummingbirds to Your Garden”

A Flourishing Spring

Spring has been great in the Bluegrass this year! Although it’s been raining a lot lately, we’ve had great temperatures and plants are flourishing even better than normal this year. How does this happen? There are probably several factors that has made this spring vibrant Spring arrived about 6 weeks early this year, so warmer temperatures earlier, whichContinue reading “A Flourishing Spring”

Providence High School & Arbor Day

This past week I packed up my display boards and went to set up a table at Providence School in Wilmore. Their school was hosting ‘Envision Day’, where professionals came in to represent their business and talk with kids about what it’s like to work in a field you enjoy working in. Joining me wasContinue reading “Providence High School & Arbor Day”