Protein in the Vegetarian Diet

When we eat our breakfast, make our lunch, and prepare for dinner, hopefully we are thinking about what we’re going to get out of our food besides only the most satisfying meal we can prepare in a short amount of time. There can be tension in the triangle of balancing a healthy meal, with timeContinue reading “Protein in the Vegetarian Diet”

A Feast of Ice & Fire: Game of Thrones Dinner

A few weeks ago my friend came to me and asked if I would cater a dinner party feast for this tv show’sĀ premiereĀ  Game of Thrones. Even though I don’t watch any tv or know anything about shows on these days, I thought it was pretty cool that a tv show had its own cookbook,Continue reading “A Feast of Ice & Fire: Game of Thrones Dinner”

Butternut Squash & Quinoa

Listen to the Monster Mash while reading this post If you’re looking for a dish to warm you up this is a good one with it’s warming spices. You can cut down the preparation time by cooking the butternut squash the day before. I have also seen butternut squash already diced and ready to beContinue reading “Butternut Squash & Quinoa”

Zucchini with Wild Rice

It’s getting to be the dawg days of summer, which means our gardens are probably overwhelmed with tomatoes, squash, and other goodies. If you’ve ever raised zucchini, then you know how there can be an abundance of them in the garden. One of the sites I follow for recipes is Steamy Kitchen, and I tookContinue reading “Zucchini with Wild Rice”

UK Slow Foods Dinner

Over the past few months I’ve become involved with the Slow Foods group at University of Kentucky. This summer they’re organizing biweekly dinners with a twist. The person hosting the dinner volunteers half a day at one of UK’s research farms, where food for the UK’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is grown (check out theirContinue reading “UK Slow Foods Dinner”