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The Art of Wabi Sabi

Imagine a crack in a vase. Imagine how you would feel if there all of a sudden was a big crack in your favorite vase. Now imagine instead of feeling anger about the crack, just fill that gap with pure gold. This is the teaching… Continue Reading “The Art of Wabi Sabi”

“Choosing Simplicity” by Linda Breen Pierce

A couple weeks ago my mom checked out the book “Choosing Simplicity” from the library and told me I should read it too. At first I thought I would just look over the book, but I ended up reading the whole thing and wanted… Continue Reading ““Choosing Simplicity” by Linda Breen Pierce”

Falling Leaves of Fall

The leaves are beginning to disappear! My maples are almost completely bare My oak tree is a brilliant gold though and still has a majority of its leaves. This tree came to our house as a sapling from my grandpa’s farm! Roxie enjoys playing… Continue Reading “Falling Leaves of Fall”

Woolly Worm

According to this Woolly Bear, we’re going to have a short and mild winter!! He tells me so because he has a long band of brown. Usually they have a black band at their bottom too, and this one doesn’t. Yesterday as I went… Continue Reading “Woolly Worm”

‘Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead’

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead  is one of these movies that will change you, even if you change just for a week. The movie is about an Australian mid aged man who has been a successful stock broker. However, with all his money and… Continue Reading “‘Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead’”