Sewing Tutorial: Pie Tote Carrier

I’m not sure how many times I’ve made a pie and couldn’t find a bag good enough to carry it in. No one wants to see a beautiful pie on the ground! This pie tote is the perfect way to carry your pie to potlucks and parties. It also is an eye catcher and everyoneContinue reading “Sewing Tutorial: Pie Tote Carrier”

Sewing Tutorial: Pie Carrier Tote

I recently went to a potluck and saw someone bring a pie wrapped up in a pie carrying tote! I thought that was pretty nifty type of tote to carry a pie! This makes a nice holiday gift, especially if you brought a pie with it! You will need to measure your pie pan toContinue reading “Sewing Tutorial: Pie Carrier Tote”

Sewing Pattern: Car Seat Hammock for Dogs

Recently I began taking my dog to many places around town, which was leaving the seats in my car a big hairy mess! While I wanted to keep my car cleaner, I also wanted my dog to be comfortable on the ride and to be safer. I began searching for car seat covers and foundContinue reading “Sewing Pattern: Car Seat Hammock for Dogs”