Pussy Willow (Salix discolor): Spring Flowering Tree

  Last summer I came across the Pussy Willow shrub somewhere among my research. I had always seen its stems put into floral arrangements (or even faux ones that light up!) but never really thought of it much as a plant. The native variety around Kentucky, and much of North America┬áis Salix discolor. Of courseContinue reading “Pussy Willow (Salix discolor): Spring Flowering Tree”

Snowdrops- A Winter Flower

Snowdrops are one of the earliest flowers to bloom in late winter or early spring, they can even bloom when there is snow on the ground! They are a sure sign spring is near. If you’d like snowdrops, EARTHeim can plant them for you this fall. Snowdrops naturalize and begin blooming heavily after a year.Continue reading “Snowdrops- A Winter Flower”

Mobile Container Cans

If you have a small balcony or if you have a hard time bending down to garden, there are still some nifty ways to still garden! Mobile containers are a great way to do so. Have containers on casters is a great way to be able to move the container to where you need it.Continue reading “Mobile Container Cans”

Fall Wreath

> Signs of fall are beginning to appear in Kentucky (even though these few days have been quite warm!) I made this wreath to hang on the door for some festive decor