Apple Cake with Cider Glaze & Apple Twigs

Right now it’s all about apples & pumpkins! I love getting fresh apples from an orchard. They have much more flavor and you can usually find different varieties that you otherwise don’t get in the grocery. From just a pound of apples, you can make this tri-fecta. The yogurt makes this cake moist, and is a healthierContinue reading “Apple Cake with Cider Glaze & Apple Twigs”

Pad Thai & Basil Limeade

I really couldn’t take it any longer. Sometimes I get those cravings for Pad Thai at my favorite local place, and after my last episode I figured it was about time for me just to try cooking it myself. I consulted my long list of blogs in search for a good recipe. I found thisContinue reading “Pad Thai & Basil Limeade”

Tre Noci Pesto

The basil in my garden had been doing a lot of complaining lately. Every time it would create a flower, I’d pinch it off, knowing that I really needed to do something the basil. So this week I got my act together and made some pesto. This time I wanted to do a little experiment with it, so IContinue reading “Tre Noci Pesto”

Zucchini with Wild Rice

It’s getting to be the dawg days of summer, which means our gardens are probably overwhelmed with tomatoes, squash, and other goodies. If you’ve ever raised zucchini, then you know how there can be an abundance of them in the garden. One of the sites I follow for recipes is Steamy Kitchen, and I tookContinue reading “Zucchini with Wild Rice”