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Speaking & Teaching

Katrina Kelly is available for speaking and teaching classes or workshops on a variety of garden related topics. Pricing is based on travel, preparation, and presentation time. Katrina has taught classes and spoken for:

Topics may include:

  • Basic gardening skills the natural and organic way
  • Creating a living landscape for birds and pollinators
  • Garden design- finding inspiration, design principals, incorporating sustainability

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Published Writing

Wild Ones Lexington Chapter Newsletter

  • “Blue Orchard Bee” Aug 2017
  • “Light Pollution Effects on Wildlife” July 2017
  • “Wild Ones Spring Native Plant Garden Tour” May 2017
  • “Backyard Birding with Cats” Feb 2017
  • “Bee Creative! Make a Home for Native Bees” Nov 2016
  • “Plants with Late Season Appeal” Oct 2016
  • “Mosquito Spraying- Pollinators Plight” Sept 2016
  • “Winning Combinations- Plant Combinations for August” Aug 2016

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“I really enjoyed the class, opened my eyes in many ways. Katrina is a treasure of knowledge” -Margaret M.

“I want to thank you for the past weeks that you taught me. I appreciate all that you did for us.”- Patricia B.

“Great lesson! Thanks for all the valuable information.”- Patsy B.

“I am enjoying this class so much so thank you for all the information.” – Barbara F.

“I wanted to tell you after class yesterday what a great class it was, but there were so many people wanting your attention that I decided to just mosey on my way.  You were terrific.  The material was well organized.  Your presentation was right on target.  You patiently answered questions, and people left feeling empowered to become the best gardeners they can be.  I can hardly wait to see how they feel when they have the whole gamut of what you will teach us.  I look forward to Fridays and maybe turning my brown thumb into a green one.”- Sandy E.

“I really enjoyed your class and learned much and hopefully my yard/garden will reflect that in the coming years. I will refer to my notes often.”- Evie B.

“I want to say again how much I enjoyed your class. You teach in an easy understandable manner which makes it nice for novice gardeners. I appreciate your sharing places to go for seeds, plants,etc, web sites and your power point slides.” Vicki R.