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Unsure what you’re looking for or want to get started on your project? Learn more about EARTHeim services below or schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation.

Schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation

Landscape Consultations

Consultations are on-site meetings where I speak with you in person about your project and evaluate the landscape. Whether you’re looking to do the project on your own, or hire EARTHeim for design and installation services, clients often find value in consultations. Design projects and garden coaching services begin with a consultation. Appointments usually last 45 to 60 minutes.

Garden Coaching

Garden Coaching is training to individuals seeking the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully plan, develop, manage and maintain their personal outdoor spaces. Garden coaching is valuable to those wishing to do a project largely on their own or for someone who needs guidance on creating the outdoor space they envision. Learn more about this service.

Garden Design & Installation

Custom garden designs are created for your specific garden space and your unique taste. You may choose to have EARTHeim install the garden design after its completion. Learn more about the design process.

Fine Gardening

I offer seasonal regularly scheduled landscape maintenance plans. I’m also available on-call for maintenance. Learn more about fine gardening services.

Garden & Chicken Sitting

Going on a trip but need someone to water the vegetables or feed the chickens? Learn more about garden and chicken sitting services.

Custom Garden Booklets, Mapping, Photography

These additional services are offered to help you take care or to learn about your garden. The custom booklet consists of information about the specific plants in your garden and their care. If you don’t currently have a design plan of your garden, I can create a map of your garden and the plant species. I also offer garden photography and professional photo albums. Learn more about the garden booklets, mapping, and photography

Container Gardens & Outdoor Styling

Every space looks better when touched by a piece of green. Container gardens can be changed out each season for a welcoming look to your home or business. I handpick materials- plants & decorative accents, to go with your business space, front porch, or backyard patio. I can use containers you already have, or purchase new containers. I offer container gardening subscriptions. Contact me for more info.

  • Custom designed planted annual arrangements
  • Container and urn displays
  • Fall, Halloween, and holiday decor

Additional Services


You may request an estimate for landscaping services such as planting or small removals, weeding, or for a fine gardening plan. Click here to learn more

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