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Free 30 minute phone call

If you’d like to discuss your project on the phone, you may fill out this form to schedule a free 30 minute phone call. During this brief meeting you can learn more about my services and I can get an overall idea of the project you envision.

Landscape Consultations

Consultations can serve as a stand alone service or as the first step to a landscape design or garden coaching plan.

Consultations are on-site meetings where I speak with you in person about your project and do an evaluation of the landscape. Consultations are beneficial whether you’re just looking for ideas as a do-it-yourselfer, or if you would like to pursue a custom garden design and installation with EARTHeim.

Garden Coaching

Garden Coaching is one-on-one training to individuals seeking the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully plan, develop, manage and maintain their personal outdoor spaces. Garden coaching is valuable to someone wishing to complete a project on their own or who needs guidance on creating the outdoor space they envision.

Garden Design & Installation

Custom garden designs are created for your specific garden space and your unique taste. You may choose to have EARTHeim install the garden design after its completion.

Fine Gardening

I offer routinely scheduled landscape maintenance plans during the growing season. Signs ups begin in January and fill quickly. I’m also available on-call or to ‘garden sit’ while you’re away on vacation.

Garden Care WorkBooks & Maps

Even when EARTHeim’s work is complete, I can help by helping you take care of your new garden space. After you’ve invested in a new garden, don’t you want to keep it looking nice? You’ll have the information you need to take care of the garden and each plant with a custom Garden Care WorkBook.

Garden Care WorkBooks are customized books that gives you instructions on how to care for your garden in each season, and how to take care of each individual species of plant in your garden.

The workbook also is entertaining as you’ll learn more about the plants and their unique characteristics. For example, I often hear comments that the baptisia plant has been planted for a year but still only has one or two stems. In the GardenCare WorkBook I write,

“As a taprooted plant, Baptisia is slower to establish than most other perennials. However, this plant can live to be at least 100 years old!”

The workbook comes in a 3 ring binder, with each sheet in a clear plastic cover. There are several sections in the workbook designated by tabs. You can add to your booklet overtime with your own personal notes.

There is a base price for the book, then pricing for each workbook is based on the number of species you’d like to include.

I can also create a blueprint of your current garden as it exists if you’d like to have a scaled map of the plant species and their location in the garden. This is a nice way to preserve your garden if you’re looking to move, or for your family.

Container Pots

Every space looks better when touched by a piece of green. Container gardens can be changed out each season for a welcoming look to your home or business. I handpick materials- plants & decorative accents, to go with your business space, front porch, or backyard patio. I can use containers you already have, or find new containers that goes with your style and space.

  • Custom designed container pots and hanging baskets
  • Perennial pollinator container pots
  • Winter greenery containers and indoor centerpieces

Speaking Engagements/Teaching

Native Plants

EARTHeim offers native plants for sale seasonally. Plants are grown from seed from a sustainable source. I grow straight species native plants, without any synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Most plants available are perennials. There is always a variety of milkweed species. Plants are for sale by appointment, or at a one day sale usually in the summer.

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You may request an estimate for landscaping services such as planting, small removals, and weeding. There is a small refundable fee for estimates.

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