We love working with previous clients! This client contacted me to makeover the front landscaping after we redid the backyard gardens a few years ago. Our project included taking out the existing perennials (daylilies) and replacing them with pollinator friendly plants. Some the homeowner’s favorites used in the backyard was butterfly milkweed and prairie dropseed, so I made sure to use more of these.

A large portion of the project was to remove a natural stone wall the homeowner had built. We used engineered retainment block to build a new retainment wall on this slope. We replanted with native trees, shrubs, and perennials. I reused some of the clients existing plants including some beloved clematis, and monkey grasses. We worked with the existing boxwoods, and added some native shrubs since the homeowner was required by the neighborhood to have a certain number of shrubs.

We replanted a number of native perennials under the redbud tree after removing most of the plants there. Many of these will provide spring color, while the rest of the garden will be mostly summer color. The homeowner was thrilled with the new retainment wall and was impressed with the professionalism of our work.