Griffin Gate


This slope had been planted in monkeygrass- which had spread and become too thick. The boxwoods, hostas, and monkey grass was a flowerless landscape.
This steep slope had also been planted with monkey grass that had become too thick.
Drainage on the slope was also an issue, which was washing soil away.



The monkey grass was completely removed from this backyard space. The existing Canadian hostas were transplanted into groupings on either side of the stairs. A french drain was created which solved the drainage issues, and created something much more pleasing to view. Sedges were then planted on the steepest slope of the garden, which will fill in over time. This will stabilize the slope and the sedges require no maintenance.
The shade garden under the ginkgo is now filled with flowering and attractive native plants.

The monkey grass was also removed from this sloped garden space. Creeping phlox will fill out overtime and help stabilize this slope. This portion of the garden will be a spring feature with early spring blossoms. The red chokeberry also has great fall attraction with its red foliage and berries. The bee balm planted by the back patio allowed for some hummingbird watching.