Eastside Kenwick




The homeowners of this property wanted to remove their entire lawn at the front, side, and backyards. They also wanted a low maintenance, native plant, landscape since they both have demanding jobs and a family. In the front yard, there were some drainage issues that needed to be addressed.

Phase 1 of the design installation was the backyard and side yard. The side yard contained a holly tree, large burning bush, spirea, and lawn grass. The later 2 are invasive plants that no longer served the space. Everything was removed except for the holly tree, which was pruned. A variety of native shrubs and perennials now fill the space which pollinators and birds are enjoying. The hose spigot is now easily accessible with the burning bush removed and natural stone steppers installed. The rubber edging along the driveway keeps mulch contained and is safe for the car tires.

The backyard was divided into several garden rooms. A custom built trellis separates the backyard into garden rooms and is a nice backdrop to the plantings. A native honeysuckle vine will be trained to grow on it over the next couple of years. The circular hardscape patio allows enough room for a few Adirondack chairs and a fire pit for cozy evenings under the stars. The arborvitae behind the patio will provide some winter interest, a windbreak, and some privacy.

The pathway to the back of the yard allows access to the shed and back garden where there will be a bird feeder. A colorful pot with some annual flowers makes a nice focal point at the end of the pathway. Secondary pathways running through the garden will be added in the future. The hidden areas behind the garage and shed were cleared of invasive species. Pea gravel allows some extra storage for the family and will reduce maintenance. A mulch ring of transplanted hosta and native ferns was added around the big silver maple. We call this the bicycle garden!

Many of the native plants will spread and fill the garden over time. Pollinators were already enjoying this garden where there was once just lawn. This garden is now helpful for the environment and is much more practical and enjoyable for the homeowners.

Landscape installation by EARTHeim and Keesee Landscaping & Excavating