Policies Contract

Travel Fee

Travel fee outside Lexington, KY is $0.58 per mile from zip code 40514. This fee represents the standard Federal mileage rate.

Why These Policies?

When you make an appointment I schedule a block of time to serve you. This affects how many clients I am able to serve at one time.

Appointments require preparation and I plan my schedule according to our appointed time. I respect your valuable time just as much as I hope you respect mine.

Appointments will begin at scheduled time and end by scheduled time. If client is late, I cannot promise the full-allotted appointment time. I promise to honor our appointments and be on time as well. If I am late, I will still honor the full appointment time.

Cancellation Policy

This cancellation policy applies to all appointments including consultations, meetings, etc.

We understand things in life happen! If you need to cancel an appointment for any reason, please do so with at least 24 hours notice from appointment, no exceptions please.

  • Cancellations must be made by phone call only. 859.230.9655

Cancellations after 24 Hours: $25 fee. We value the time of all our clients and ours as well. If you need to cancel after 24 hours notice, we will need to charge this fee. This invoice will be sent by email and payment must be made within 15 days of appointment date.

No Show: $50 fee. Failure to show up to scheduled appointment or cancelling while I’m in travel to appointment. For outside Lexington, travel fee will still apply for distance traveled.

Payment Methods

  • Please, cash only for consultations.
  • For other services I accept cash or checks made to EARTHeim.
  • Cost of any materials must be made in advance.

Late Payments

  • Late payment fee $25
  • Finance charge 1.5% per month

Returned Checks

$35 per check + late fees


Quotes are valid for amount of time listed on the quote you received. Typically 30 days, but may vary due to circumstances.

Utility Lines

EARTHeim will call 811 to mark utilities. With the nature of this work, the largest issues are internet cords, irrigation, outdoor lighting, invisible pet fencing, security lines, drainage pipes, ‘extra’ electric or water lines etc.

If you have anything other than Internet and utility lines, please let us know their exact location as detailed as possible. Internet companies usually replace lines for free. If we hit a line we were aware of, we will work with you on having it repaired or replaced. If we hit any line/s we were not notified about and shown their location, we are not held liable.

Other On-Site Services

EARTHeim must be notified about any other services being performed on site within 7 days proceeding and succeeding scheduled days of work performed by EARTHeim. These services include, but aren’t limited to: construction, remodeling, lawn mowing or spraying, mosquito spraying and pest control, arborist work, utility repairs, driveway repair, etc. Under certain circumstances this may delay or postpone work done by EARTHeim.

Terms & Conditions

EARTHeim has the right to terminate any project at any time, without refund, due to unfavorable situations that cannot be remedied. Conditions listed, but not limited to: harassment, unreasonable demands, late payments, lack of communication, late or no show appointments, unsafe working conditions, or hiring another company for design/installation work once agreement has been made between EARTHeim and client, etc.

If EARTHeim decides upon this termination, client will be invoiced any remaining completed labor time and materials costs. If client wishes to terminate contract, work will cease by EARTHeim and payment for any completed labor and services outlined and quoted in contract must be paid in full immediately.

EARTHeim is an insured LLC.

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