Landscaping Project Schedules

Every landscaping project is unique and will have its own timeline. The following graphic shows the typical work season of any landscaping business. Timelines will vary according to the nature of the project, current customer workload, the weather, and availability of materials.

Project Inquiries

You may contact me at anytime of the year to inquire about your project. Consultations in the slower months are usually scheduled within 1-2 weeks. Consultations in the busier months are usually scheduled within 2-3+ weeks. At certain times of the year I may begin a waitlist.

It is best to reach out as early as possible about your project. April and May are the peak months for inquiries about projects. The slowest months are November through January.

Pink: The best time to reach out to me for a project to likely be completed the same year is January through April. If you contact me about a small project in May or June, it may be able to completed the same year.

Blue: If you are looking to hire for a design and installation, the best time to reach out is starting in June and July with a completion date of the following calendar year. Designs only may be able to be completed the same year during this time.

Design Schedules

I work on designs year-round, but focus on design work in November through February. These are the slower months when the planting season is over. Designs are worked on in the summer months, but is slower due to time spent on installations and maintenance. Jobs are added to my work queue as I receive contracts with a deposit.

Planting Schedules

Planting installations occur between May and October. Evergreens may be planted in April as weather allows. Shrubs and trees only can be planted mid-October through November as weather permits. Planting installations may slow somewhat during peak hot weather conditions in July and August.

For designs with special native plants, we may need to order these plants during the winter for best availability.

Hardscaping Schedules

Hardscaping jobs can be worked on year round as weather permits. Freezing and precipitous weather may slow down hardscape installations in December-February.

*Currently there are shortages of materials or materials are taking longer to ship. So far we have not had any issues, but want to share this possibility with clients.

If you have questions or concerns about a timeline for your project, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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