Garden Care

I offer a professional gardening service in Lexington, Kentucky. As your ‘gardenerette’ I am committed to maintaining your garden sustainably in a manner that:

  • Enhances the garden’s beauty and functionality
  • Takes away your worry maintaining the landscape
  • Allows you to enjoy your garden the way you want to
  • Keeps the plants, soil, groundwater, and air healthy
  • Benefits wildlife and pollinators

Garden Care Services

On-call Garden Care

You may contact me to take care of small jobs as an on-call basis. These tasks can include seasonal container pots, weeding, pruning, small amounts of mulching, edging, organic fertilizing, planting your vegetable or herb garden, etc. Please contact me with ample time ahead. $75/hr

Seasonal Care Plans

I offer seasonal plans that begin in March/April and go through October/November. My Gardenerette service spots are limited, so please sign up early (January/February) or contact me for availability. These scheduled maintenance plans ensures your landscape looks good all season. Most plans are 2-3 hours per visit either once or twice a month. Pricing varies.

“Everyone has enough weeding to do in their own garden.” –  Flemish proverb

Description of Garden Care

Weeding: Plants are pulled by hand or tool. Herbicide is used as a last resort and carefully applied.

Pruning: Stems are pruned to invigorate growth, support good health, and maintain appearance of the plant in its most natural form. Shrubs are never sheared unless a hedge or specific shape is to be maintained. Pruning is an acquired skill and should be done by a knowledgeable professional. Special pruning skills include Japanese maples and thinning out boxwoods.

Edging: A spade is used to define garden beds.

Mulching: Natural mulches spread in small areas.

Soil amendments: Compost, landscape mix, or pine soil conditioner can be added to garden beds, raised beds, or kitchen garden areas.

Transplanting & dividing: Some plants need to be invigorated every few years by dividing. Plants that have outgrown their space or needing a second chance can be transplanted to a new area.

Fertilizing: All natural and organic fertilizers. Special applications for acid loving plants, edible plants, bulbs, and lawns.

Seasonal Container Pots: Annuals can be planted in garden beds or in potted containers spring, summer, fall, and winter. Herbs planted in the kitchen garden, or colorful hanging baskets hung on the patio. Spring bulbs planted in the fall. Simple holiday decor can be added such as flags, lights, pumpkins, wreaths, ornaments, etc. This includes plantings by seed, bulb, or live plants.

Kitchen gardens: Planting vegetables, fertilizing, watering, and harvest. Pruning berry shrubs and young fruit trees.

Plant care: Pests, diseases, removing spent blooms, cutting back.

Lawns: Organic fertilizer and pre-emergent treatments.