Fine Gardening

EARTHeim offers fine gardening landscape maintenance services on-call and through scheduled maintenance plans. We also have special packages for homeowners who have their property on the market and would like to create curb appeal for a faster sale.We take pride in having skills and knowledge in proper gardening, pruning, and mulching techniques that will help keep your garden healthy and looking nice. I like to become familiar with your landscape and learn about your wishes before we begin our work by a simple phone conversation.Our pricing is very reasonable for the professional and quality work we adhere to.  


You may sign up for a fine gardening plan through this form.

Fine Gardening Sign Up Form

Description of Fine Gardening Services

  • Weeding: Plants are pulled by hand or tool. Chemicals are only used, very carefully, in certain situations as determined.
  • Pruning & Deadheading: Old growth and select stems are removed to invigorate new growth, support good health, and maintain sound structure of the plant or shrub.
  • General landscape cleanup
  • Mulching: For routine maintenance we can freshen mulch. Areas up to 100 sq ft can be mulched per visit. For larger areas we are happy to schedule an installation day.
  • Container Planting: Brighten up your space with container plants on your porch or patio. We also serve small businesses with storefronts and landscaped beds.
  • Annual Plantings & Seasonal/Holiday Decor: Annual plantings can be installed spring, summer, and fall. This includes seed, bulb, and live plantings. Holiday decor may include wreaths, swags, and holiday landscape adornments.
  • Vegetable Gardening: Help creating or planning vegetable gardens and growing/maintenance consultations available.
  • We believe in using of herbicides as little as possible to keep our gardening methods sustainable. When needed however in particular situations, we use them efficiently as we can to be effective but minimal in impact.
  • Fine gardening includes use of some materials such as small amounts of herbicide/pesticide, twine, and staking materials.
  • Equipment is cleaned between each clients gardens worked in and professional tools makes our work efficient.

Cost of any materials such as mulch, plants, garden decor, must be made in advance. Payment for materials may be dropped off at business address, sent by check through mail, or invoiced by online payment for a small fee.

Winterberry Holly Native Deciduous Shrub Ilex verticillata

Fine Gardening Maintenance Plans

EARTHeim provides several maintenance packages that are customizable based on your landscape maintenance needs. You may contact EARTHeim for fine gardening anytime of year and scheduled plans can be coordinated to start at anytime of the year.

For pre-season sign ups, landscape maintenance usually begins in March or April and lasts through October, all depending on our Kentucky weather. You may add on additional visits or hours for the same hourly rate based on the plan chosen.


Clients who have hired EARTHeim for a design & installation will receive an additional discount.

before old spirea, after dogwood

Description of Landscape Cleanup & Removals

We also provide services to clean up the landscape on a larger scale. For landscape cleanup we offer free estimates. There is a small travel fee for work outside of Lexington.

$50 per man-hour

  • Invasive species removal- we will grub any invasive species if possible out of the ground, otherwise we cut and treat the plant with herbicide.
  • Pruning for sidewalk clearance, structure, health of small trees and shrubs
  • Removing or transplanting perennials & shrubs
  • Removing debris from site
  • Re-edging garden beds
  • Weeding
  • Preparing garden beds with compost
  • Mulching landscape beds
  • Landscape design installation
  • We can recommend both arborist and hardscaping companies for these services

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