Fine Gardening

Landscape maintenance if offered on-call and through scheduled maintenance plans.
Pre-paid seasonal plans are discounted. Pricing is reasonable for the professional and quality work adhered to. I may offer fine gardening specials during the months of November through February. If signing up after April, please contact me for availability.
Fine Gardening Estimates
$25 for an estimate, due at time of appointment.
Fee is fully refundable when maintenance plan is scheduled.

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Description of Fine Gardening Services

  • Weeding– Plants are pulled by hand or tool. Herbicide is carefully used in certain situations if needed.
  • Pruning– Stems are pruned to invigorate growth, support good health, and maintain appearance of the plant or shrub in its most natural form. We never shear shrubs unless a hedge or shape is to be maintained.
  • Mulching– Mulch can be freshened in small areas. For areas needing 1yd or more, a maintenance day outside the plan will be scheduled.
  • Vegetable Gardens: I can help plan and plant your vegetable garden, fertilize, water, and harvest. Prune berry shrubs or young fruit trees.
  • Annual Flowers & Seasonal Decor– Plant annuals in garden beds, containers, or put up simple holiday decorations like flags, lights, pumpkins, wreaths, ornaments, etc. This includes plantings by seed, bulb, or live plants.
  • Fertilizing– Special fertilizing can be done for specific plants including vegetables, trees, hydrangeas, holly, rhododendrons and azaleas, magnolias, blueberries, boxwoods. Cost of fertilizer is additional.

before old spirea, after dogwood

Landscape Cleanup

I also provide services to clean up the landscape on a larger scale during a one time shorter period. Travel fees apply for outside Lexington.

  • Pruning for sidewalk clearance, structure, health of small trees and shrubs
  • Removing or transplanting perennials & small shrubs
  • Re-edging garden beds
  • Weeding and mulching
  • Planting
  • I can recommend both arborist and hardscaping companies for these special services