Container Plantings

Decorative container pots and hanging baskets will add value and charm to your entryways, decks, patios, balconies and even garden beds. Container pots are especially good for local businesses to invite their customers. Container plantings is one of my specialties and I enjoy putting together striking plant combinations that bring some seasonal color to your landscape.

The recipe is to play with shape, texture and color of both the foliage and the blooms. That said, sometimes a simple bold statement is all that is needed too. And then sometimes, the container itself makes a lovely focal point.

If you currently have containers you would like filled, or are looking for new containers, I can help you achieve the look you’re going for. This seasonal splash of color is brought to you on a time (per person/per hour) and material basis. You may opt to have the containers done just one season, or every season, spring through winter, or for special holidays.

Container Pot Maintenance

After your container is put together, the container will require general maintenance of watering, and deadheading certain plants. After your container pot is created I will leave you with a flyer with care tips.

You may continue your service with a regular maintenance schedule. Extra maintenance is fertilizing, which container pots do need to look their best, and pruning to keep plants invigorated. Periodically some plants might need replacing during the summer months. One visit every 3-4 weeks is generally all that is needed.

Container Pot Plans

A custom plan can be created for your based on what you’d like

This can include:

  • A yearly plan for changing out the container pot any season or holiday you like
  • Container pot maintenance for the duration of the season


Pricing for the container plantings and service depends on what you’re looking for. Factors include: how many containers, how large the containers are, and if you’d like container maintenance. If you have a budget, I can make suggestions for what would look the best.

Service is available for the Lexington, Kentucky area.

Contact EARTHeim

Schedule a free 30 min phone consultation and we speak about what you’re looking for. After our phone consultation I can stop by to look at the space you would like container pots or hanging baskets.