On-Site Consultation & Landscape Evaluation

  • $100
  • You may choose the Design Consultation or DIY Consultation.
  • Both consultations are basically the same, but each have unique focuses.
  • Please fill out this Design Consultation Survey or the DIY Consultation Survey. This survey allows me to learn more about your wishes and come better prepared to serve you.

What’s Included

  • Pre-Consultation Survey
  • 1-1.5 Hour On-Site Consultation
  • Landscape Evaluation
  • Consultation Summary

Consultations are a great way to learn about your garden and address issues that may be happening in the landscape. During this on site initial consultation we will meet one another and discuss the current condition of the site. We will idealize a design vision and assess your needs and wants of the landscape.

Design Consultation vs. DIY Consultation

  • A Design Consultation is if you want a design created for your project.
  • A DIY Consultation is for those who want just a landscape evaluation and overall thoughts of what they could do with their space.
  • Both consultations are basically the same, however questions for each are geared differently.
  • Garden Coaching may be a helpful service for any project you’re looking to do work on your own.

Some topics that may be addressed during a consultation

  • Issues in the landscape, like functionality, drainage, invasive plants, plant diseases and pests
  • General maintenance suggestions
  • Plant identification
  • Suggestions for new plants or transplanting
  • Visualization of design ideas
  • Your needs and wants of the garden
  • Resources for plants, materials, or references for other professional services
  • Setting up a homestead
  • Land use planning

A consultation may also be very beneficial when considering purchasing or selling a home. A landscape that needs a lot of work that could be a negotiating factor that could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Everyone benefits from a consultation, wether you’re a diy-er, recently moved into a new home, or want a new planting design for your garden. Clients have found consultations to be very useful and has saved them time, energy, resources, and money in many ways.

For consultations outside of Lexington, a travel fee will apply at $0.54 cents per mile (standard federal mileage rate), roundtrip, from zip code 40514.


  • $25
  • Creditable on project if EARTHeim is hired to carry out service

Estimates are simply quotes for services on small areas within the property like weeding, mulching, planting, removals, or a quote for a fine gardening plan. If you’re looking for advice or ideas concerning your landscape, a consultation may be better suited.

Design fees may apply concerning plantings.

Estimates are good for 30 days of written quote.

FAQ- Why aren’t estimates free?

Estimates usually take three to five hours of time to put together. This includes an initial conversation to learn about your project, travel to and from the site, meeting about the project, and preparing a quote. If you choose to hire EARTHeim to carry out the service within 30 days, the fee is creditable to the project as a ‘thank you’ for choosing EARTHeim.

Learn more and fill out request form for estimate

Travel Fee

Travel fee of $0.54 per mile will apply for trips outside of Lexington Metro. The travel fee is non-refundable.

Average travel rates to surrounding areas (Frankfort $25, Richmond $25, Harrodsburg $30, Winchester $25, Georgetown $15)