Dicentra: Native ‘Bleeding Heart’

In the spring we often see the plants commonly called Bleeding Hearts in our Kentucky landscape. The common ones we see at a lot┬áplant nurseries are a type from China called, Lamprocapnos spectabilis, so they aren’t even in the genus Dicentra. However, there are a few types of Dicentra Bleeding Hearts native to Kentucky! TheContinue reading “Dicentra: Native ‘Bleeding Heart’”

DIY Metal Curtain Panel

One day my mom and I were in Home Depot when we passed a rack with these really cool metal radiator sheets stamped out with designs. We thought of some cool projects to do with them and my mom thought she would like to make a curtain with them. The metal sheets are hung fromContinue reading “DIY Metal Curtain Panel”

Rain Chain During Storm

Watch our rain chain during a power storm we had! The rain chain leads into a rain drain. It is about a 4’x4′ square edged with pavers. The inside was dug out about 6″ deep and filled with gravel. The spot where the chain hits was dug out a little deeper and a trench wasContinue reading “Rain Chain During Storm”

Blazing Star (Liatris)

  One of my favorite perennials is the Blazing Star, or commonly referred to as ‘Liatris’ as its latin name. It is also called Gay Feather as I’ve seen large nursery companies refer it to. There are a lot of varieties of Blazing Stars, about 30 total, but overall they have many similar characteristics. TheyContinue reading “Blazing Star (Liatris)”