Winterberry Holly (Ilex verticillata)

This spectacular shrub is a must in the winter garden. Winterberry is a native deciduous holly. This holly does not have the common prickly leaves, but are oval shaped and soft. After its leaves fall, this shrub becomes covered in these amazing red berries that makes it a show stopper. Only the female plants form theseContinue reading “Winterberry Holly (Ilex verticillata)”

Planning for A Backyard Wedding

The national average cost of a wedding is about $25,000. Here in central Kentucky the average is between $19,000 (with $31,000 being the high average!) . These astonishing numbers aren’t totally dictated by what a couple plans to spend; it’s mostly directly related to the cost of hiring a business for xyz. The venue usually accountsContinue reading “Planning for A Backyard Wedding”

Treating My Dog for a Fungal Infection

My experience treating my dog’s swollen toe & a funky arm pit. I write this post only to share my experience. I’m not a vet and do not give any advice in that way. Please use your own judgement and seek a vet’s supervision based on your own decision and research. On the last December lastContinue reading “Treating My Dog for a Fungal Infection”

American Goldfinches

Watch a video of the pair eating sunflower seeds (watch out for the Spicebush Swallowtail fluttering by!) In Kentucky we are able to see the North American Goldfinch year round. It has been fun to watch this pair hanging around our yard for the past few weeks. They’re attracted to the bird feeder which isContinue reading “American Goldfinches”

Hartland Gardens Before & After

Before and after residential design in Lexington, Kentucky. Boxwoods, pussy willow, Japanese maple, and roses were replaced with evergreens, deciduous plants, and perennials, many native species that will prove themselves in the landscape.