Resource Links

This page consists of useful links you will find for sustainable and ecological gardening. If any of these links are broken, please email me. If you have suggestions for useful links you may email them to me and I will consider adding them to this page. This page will be updated over time. Citizen ScienceContinue reading “Resource Links”

The Garden Scoop: What Types of Landscapers are There?

The landscaping industry is broad and choosing the right professional depends on the demands of your project. Hiring the right professional can put your dream garden into reality. Hiring the wrong professional could become a costly mistake that you may not even realize for years later, when that shrub planted two feet from the houseContinue reading “The Garden Scoop: What Types of Landscapers are There?”

The Garden Scoop: What Services Do Landscaping Businesses Offer?

There are many different types of landscape businesses and each will offer their own set of services. It is important to research a landscape business before deciding to inquire about a project. You may want to look over their website or speak with them on the phone to see if they offer the services youContinue reading “The Garden Scoop: What Services Do Landscaping Businesses Offer?”