Spring: What Can I Plant & When?

These are general gardening tips, please use your intuition when deciding what the plant and when! For information on when spring is, see this previous blog post: When Is Spring? Very Early Spring. When the ground is workable, it is no longer frozen or too wet. You can plant: Trees as long as they areContinue reading “Spring: What Can I Plant & When?”

What is Frost? What Gardeners Need to Know

What is Frost? Frost is a thin layer of ice on a surface. It begins as water vapor (water in gas form) in the air at an above freezing temperature. It becomes frost when the water vapor meets a surface that is below freezing. The water vapor condenses, freezes, and becomes solid. There are differentContinue reading “What is Frost? What Gardeners Need to Know”

Put the Gardens to Bed: Fall Tips

Let it Stand… …for the bugs. The more you leave the garden ‘as is’, the better it will provide habitat to all the good bugs and wildlife over the winter. Ladybugs love to nest in leaves and around the base of plants during the winter. Let them be, and they’ll eat the aphids next year.Continue reading “Put the Gardens to Bed: Fall Tips”