Snow Day for the Birds

With all the snow and very cold temperates this January we’ve had, my bird feeders have been full of birds looking for some good nutrition to keep them warm! Please remember: Do Not feed birds any form of bread. It starves them to death by filling them up with food that offers no nutrition. They … More Snow Day for the Birds

Beat the Winter Blues

It’s already the second week into November and we’re about to get into the holiday season. The days are growing shorter and with the time change, it’s getting dark a lot earlier. I don’t know about you, but in the winter I’m ready to go to bed early and it’s harder to get up while … More Beat the Winter Blues

Herbal Fall Harvest

I like to call herbs ‘domesticated plants’ because they’ll flourish when we give them regular attention. They want to be harvested! Pruning them back at least once a year will keep them maintained and encourage good looking fresh foliage. You know how mint and lemon balm get pretty crazy in the garden? I’m ok with … More Herbal Fall Harvest

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! I love Halloween decorations and costumes- creativity has no limits when it comes to Halloween. Find some Halloween inspiration on my Pinterest board.

Bulb Planting Season

It’s a month into fall and that means there’s one last chance to get spring bulbs planted in Kentucky! November is nearing and so are chances of frost, so we have a couple of weeks left to get bulbs in the ground. This year for my own garden I picked out some snowdrops and a … More Bulb Planting Season

Valentines Garden & Porch

Valentine decorating doesn’t have to be cheesy, it can be quite classy and cute! Spread love around your garden and front porch this year with some of these cute ideas on my Pinterest board.

Feeding Birds in Winter

If you enjoy birding as much as I do, you must also enjoy feeding and watching birds in the winter. Birds stand out in the landscape of leafless trees and white snow, making them easier to watch. They’re likely spending a lot more time at your feeders trying to stay fat to keep warm all winter. There … More Feeding Birds in Winter

Happy New Year

We hope that you have a great new year going from 2016 to 2017. I think this was a whirlwind of a year for a lot of people and our world. We can simply appreciate all that 2016 gave and showed us, and make positive goals and plan for growth in 2017. To appreciate 2016 … More Happy New Year