Feeding Birds in Winter

If you enjoy birding as much as I do, you must also enjoy feeding and watching birds in the winter. Birds stand out in the landscape of leafless trees and white snow, making them easier to watch. They’re likely spending a lot more time at your feeders trying to stay fat to keep warm all winter. There … More Feeding Birds in Winter

Is Mosquito Spraying Affecting our Pollinators?

The following article was written for Wild Ones Lexington newsletter September 2016 We seem to be seeing an increasing amount of advertising for mosquito spraying services in our area. We are also noticing lower numbers of pollinators, especially butterflies. While populations of our pollinators are suffering due to many factors, could the chemicals used to kill … More Is Mosquito Spraying Affecting our Pollinators?

The Robber Fly

Once you start planting a garden, you start witnessing fun things, especially when you plant native plants, edible plants, and pollinator loving annuals (all without pesticides on them of course!). As I was looking at the flowers on my hanging basket, I saw this guy fly up and land. Its giant green eyes were nearly … More The Robber Fly

What Is a Host Plant?

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about pollinators and native plants, which is awesome! Awareness in anything is the first step in creating change to those things which no longer serve us. Our pollinators are very important to our ecosystem, they’re the building block to our food chain and pollinate our food and flowers! A … More What Is a Host Plant?

The 11 Best & Easiest Ways to Create a Greener World

Start recycling more. The first step in recycling more is to be aware of what items your local recycling center takes. Generally you can recycle plastics #1-4, which is likely to be plastic bottles from drinks and toiletries, and some food containers. Lexington does not take #5 plastics, which is thicker plastics like yogurt, sour … More The 11 Best & Easiest Ways to Create a Greener World