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Falling Leaves of Fall

Fall means a variety of things to a variety of people.¬†Fall can mean chilly nights by an outdoor fire, pumpkin and apple picking, sweaters, corduroys, fixing soup for dinner, hot cider, and beautiful autumnal colors in rich reds, golds, browns. Or for some, it… Continue Reading “Falling Leaves of Fall”

Turning the Lawn into a Garden

  Photo from I no longer have to mow my front yard and it’s wonderful! One problem I had with my front yard is that I could not get grass to grow. The previous summer I tried to revamp the lawn with no… Continue Reading “Turning the Lawn into a Garden”

Books on Gardening & Landscape Architecture

When I first got into gardening and then into landscape architecture, I searched the web for books to begin reading that would help prepare me for school. I found it difficult to find those staples of literature. I’ve put together this list of gardening… Continue Reading “Books on Gardening & Landscape Architecture”