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Bulb Planting Season

It’s a month into fall and that means there’s one last chance to get spring bulbs planted in Kentucky! November is nearing and so are chances of frost, so we have a couple of weeks left to get bulbs in the ground. This year… Continue Reading “Bulb Planting Season”

10 Easy Steps to Save Tomato Seeds

Some plants are easier to save seed than others. Tomato seed is easy to collect, but there are a few more steps to getting viable seed than just allowing the seed to try. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be saving seed in… Continue Reading “10 Easy Steps to Save Tomato Seeds”

A ‘Messy’ Winter Garden Sustains Wildlife

Wintertime is a dormant time and fall is the time to prepare. But what if preparing meant this was the time to do nothing? Besides cleaning the gutters, putting the rain barrels up, the fall garden requires little to no work and leaving the… Continue Reading “A ‘Messy’ Winter Garden Sustains Wildlife”

Take Houseplants Outside

Taking your houseplants outdoors can keep them healthy throughout the year. Here are some helpful tips!

No Compost Heap? Easy Composting with Coffee Grounds & Eggshells

If you’ve thought about composting, but have been apprehensive¬†to try it, there a couple of very easy ways to¬†improve your soil (for free!) without having a compost heap. (Although composting is very easy, easier than dealing with stinky trash!) These easy things simply begin… Continue Reading “No Compost Heap? Easy Composting with Coffee Grounds & Eggshells”