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Free Virtual Garden Tours

2020 was a tough year to get out and do anything, and it looks like the beginning of 2021 (at least) is going to be about the same. I know many parks and hiking trails have been closed, which has made it difficult to… Continue Reading “Free Virtual Garden Tours”

Gardening new years resolutions

I recently heard on a news story that the biggest resolution Americans make is to get healthy. It was also noted, that of any country, American’s are the least likely to keep their resolutions! They attributed this fault to creating too large of a… Continue Reading “Gardening new years resolutions”

Your First Garden: The only 6 tools you’ll need

These are the basic 6 gardening tools I couldn’t live without. I’ve tested a lot of tools out there, and as a professional landscaper and avid home gardener, these are the ones that I recommend. Buying quality items up front will save money in… Continue Reading “Your First Garden: The only 6 tools you’ll need”

The Potager: Kitchen Gardens

A kitchen garden is a space to grow food with herbs and edible and non-edible flowers mixed in. In France, a kitchen garden is called a ‘potager’

Restore Your Land with a Pocket Prairie

Take a moment to look outside your window, or take a stroll in your backyard. Imagine what that very land used to look like before it was ever settled on or used for agriculture or development. The land may have been any type of… Continue Reading “Restore Your Land with a Pocket Prairie”