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Redbud Lemonade

The redbud (Cercis canadensis) is a native tree to Kentucky and it’s a common flowering tree found in urban landscapes too. Likely you may have one in your own yard! Bees love the flowers, and did you know the flowers are edible too? The… Continue Reading “Redbud Lemonade”

Violet Jelly

I get questions all the time on how to get rid of common blue violets (viola sororia) in the lawn. I know they are very pervasive and disturbing in a lawn, but they do have a variety of purposes for wildlife and humans! The… Continue Reading “Violet Jelly”

Natural Dye Easter Eggs

I don’t ever recall dyeing Easter eggs in my life, even as a kid! So I thought this year I’d give it a try. Of course, I wanted to use natural dyes made from food. I looked up different natural dyes to make and… Continue Reading “Natural Dye Easter Eggs”

Cleaning & Oiling Wood Cutting Boards

After my last post on How to Freeze Onions, my cutting board needing some cleaning and deodorizing. Taking care of wood cutting boards will extend their life for many years. Anyone who has left a wood cutting board sitting in water, knows how quickly… Continue Reading “Cleaning & Oiling Wood Cutting Boards”

EARTHeim Seeds Now Available

I am now able to offer seeds from some of my favorite annuals, herbs, and tomatoes! Last fall I worked many diligent hours collecting seed, cleaning it, and storing it. Now these seeds are available and ready to go in packets! Purchase ONLINE HERE… Continue Reading “EARTHeim Seeds Now Available”